5 Insider Tips to Launching Your Brand on Amazon Luxury

Adriana Hernandez

If you’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to sell via Amazon Luxury then you will quickly come to find there are major differences via selling in the mass channels vs luxury.

One major difference we see is the exclusivity, as Amazon Luxury is an invitation-only channel available to brands which fall under one of the following categories: makeup, skin care, fragrance, hair care, men’s grooming, and tools & brushes.

In addition, once you are invited, you will be assigned a luxury vendor manager who will work closely with you to prepare your channel for launch. Like launching any channel on Amazon, clear content and good imagery are vital to providing the best user experience.

There are a few major differences within Amazon Luxury and here are five to help you be better prepared with your Luxury launch:

1) New ASINs Are Created and Assigned for You in Luxury

In the mass sales channels, Amazon allows you to upload a set of ASINS with your pre-NIS (New Item Set-Up). A NIS, in short, is a spreadsheet template that allows vendors to upload multiple products to your vendor account. The NIS may look slightly different depending on which category of products you’re uploading but in general the purpose is to provide as much product detail as possible.

In Luxury, this process changes completely. Your assigned VM will have you provide a list of ASINs that will be moving over to Luxury and in turn provide you with new assigned ASINs for each product. Occasionally, ASINs will remain the same if the product is already listed on Amazon but this is not guaranteed or likely.

2) Be Prepared with Complementary Products

Amazon Luxury offers you a unique opportunity to highlight and recommend complimentary items to your products via the ‘complete the look’ section. This section sits right below the fold but offers a great way to cross-sell your clientele. For example, if you’re in the beauty industry, you may opt to pair a facial cleanser with a facial moisturizer etc.

3) Bullet Points Are Designated: Title, Description, Benefits, Suggested Use, and Long Description

The content detail page layout is significantly different in Luxury vs the mass channels. For instance, in mass, we have the standard title, bullet points, and description. Whereas in Luxury the detail page is broken down into the following content areas; title, description, benefits, suggested use, and description. The layout of the detail page allows for a more comprehensive explanation of the product. Make sure that content is one of the first tasks you complete as this can be a time-consuming task. Without good content, customers will not find you! Take advantage of these unique features to provide the best user experience and drive sales.

4) POs in Mass Will Start to Dwindle as You Grow in Luxury

Once you officially launch your Luxury brand, you will notice sales start to dwindle in your mass channel. This is typical and done purposefully by Amazon. Make sure to keep clear and open communication with your vendor manager as they will cue you on when you can stop accepting mass POs.

5) Luxury Sales Will Likely Be Much Slower to Ramp up Soon After Launch

Like any new product launch, you’ll notice sales slowly start to launch. Be patient and aware that this is a typical strategy by Amazon. Again, think of your luxury channel as a new set of products being listed. Once you officially launch, you should start seeing POs come in from your luxury account.

While Luxury Beauty on Amazon is still young, and changing frequently, we believe it’s here to stay. If the option is available to you, now is a great time to sign up. For more information on how Zanoma can help your brand move into Luxury Beauty, contact us today. Our skilled Brand Management team would love to help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

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