Amazon Updates: Purchase Order Blocking


On October 3rd, Amazon sent an email to Vendors discussing an upcoming blockage of purchase orders “for batteries or products sold with batteries with inaccurate catalog information.” This has the potential to impact ASINs across multiple categories as well as ASIN’s that have never previously had issues with purchase orders.

What does it mean?

During new item setup, it is possible to input information that may not be 100% accurate or exclude information entirely. In the past this has been “allowed”, or at least overlooked. Occasionally, products will get flagged as “Haz-Mat” and Amazon will require proof that the item not hazardous, or require a material data safety sheet (MSDS) to show the composition and details of the product.

What will happen?

The good news is, per Amazon’s release, when a purchase order is blocked for this reason, “you will receive an email containing product details and actions required to resolve the issue. You will also be notified when the purchase orders have been unblocked upon receipt of your updated product information.”

GREAT! So I can just wait?

Well, no. As is true will all things Amazon, just because they say something will happen doesn’t mean it actually will. So, as a vendor, your best bet is to be proactive. If you have a product that has batteries of ANY type go and look at the back-end data of your ASINs to ensure they are complete. Additionally, if you have ASINs in your catalog that do not ship with batteries it is probably worth checking them as well to ensure they’re not being inaccurately categorized and flagged in error.

My products don’t require batteries! I’m good right?

Yes and no. In the past, Amazon has typically operated by slowly rolling out requirements for a single segment first then expanding further over time. So this could be a signal that this change is coming to all of Amazon and now may be a great time to be proactive about auditing your catalog for accuracy and completeness.

So what can I do in the future?

The biggest thing is to ensure that when you set up a new ASIN that ALL relevant information is entered accurately. Setting up your items correctly the first time will help ensure that issues like this will never have an effect on your product sales down the line. While chasing down these seemingly-small details might feel time-consuming now, it may prevent lost sales later.

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