Elevate Your Amazon A+ Content

Charissa Cheek

Amazon’s A+ Content allows you to provide your customers with a richer, more detailed experience in an effort to promote your products and engage your potential customers.

Where your standard detail page allows title, bullets and a description of your unique product, A+ content allows you to tell your unique brand story, include additional images, use-cases, product specifications and other valuable information which can help you increase customer conversion, retain customer interest, educate shoppers about features and model variations as well as promoting brand awareness.

While A+ content can be a powerful tool when selling on Amazon, a “bad” A+ page can send off the wrong impression, potentially doing more harm than good.

So what makes a “bad” A+ Page?

1. Poor quality Images:

Perhaps the most important element of a successful A+ page are the images you choose. Blurry, duplicate or poorly photoshopped images can be off-putting for potential customers who are considering buying your product.

2. Not enough or poorly written Copy:

While the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words still rings true; well-written copy is just as important as ever. Not only is copy an excellent contributor to the overall SEO value of your page (hello, keywords!), it also provides your users with a deeper dive into your product, brand and overall storytelling that could mean the difference between a potential buyer and a sale.

3. Lack of Details:

The details you provide potential-buyers in your A+ content can make all the difference. Product variations, specifications, dimensions and unique features can be the deciding factor between your product and a competitor. Too little information or irrelevant information can quickly cause a confused consumer to move on to another, similar product.

Don’t Let “Bad” A+ Happen to You


When looking at the example above, what is the first thing you notice? If I had to guess, I would say the poor quality imagery. Photos are blurry, boring, repetitive, and likely similar to the images used in the main image gallery on the product detail page.

Customers want more information from A+ content, not repeat information, especially when it comes to photos. It is also important to note that overly photoshopped images can be frustrating and instill a sense of distrust in potential buyers.

What about the copy presented in the example? It doesn’t seem to provide any new or beneficial information. It’s also important to ensure your copy is not only well written, but free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Avoid overly wordy, irrelevant copy and instead focus on the unique features, benefits and differentiators of your products. Use your A+ content as an opportunity to provide additional insight into what makes your product better than your competitors. Try to keep paragraphs concise and easy to digest while still providing the valuable information consumers may be looking for.

Images help balance out large blocks of copy, so be sure to utilize the different modules in the A+ content editor.

A+ Done Right


Notice anything different?

For starters, I’m sure you’ve noticed the images in the second example are clear, showcase the product and also provide insight into different ways to enjoy the product.

While the adorable lizards in our example were snapped using a simple smartphone, the benefits of good photography cannot be understated.

In addition to better-quality imagery, it’s also worth noting that the copy is written with the target consumer in mind. It describes the product, speaks to its key features, unique value proposition, uses, and specifications. It also utilizes keywords, which adds SEO value to your product detail pages.

In summary, any A+ content is better than none. But if you’re going to take the time to do it, you might as well benefit from a few tips from the pros. The best tip of all? Letting us help! Contact Zanoma to learn more about how we can help you engage your target market and help boost conversions through A+ content today!


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