Amazon Account Audits

Images, titles, bullet points, pricing and product descriptions, they are all crucial and they all matter on Amazon. The ZANOMA Glance View audit determines whether or not your Amazon product detail pages adhere to Amazon's "Best Practices" and reveal opportunities for improvements to your listings. LEARN MORE >

From purchase order efficiencies, ASN (advanced shipping notification) to carton content labels, notifications and account settings, and all points in between, ZANOMA’s Vendor Central Audits provide the baseline to determine the overall health of your account and assign priorities for a path to improvement. LEARN MORE >

The ZANOMA "Deep Dive" audit is just that, a full and comprehensive analysis to the very depths of your Vendor Central account operations. ZANOMA conducts an exhaustive and detailed review of your ASINs and your Vendor Central back office business operations. ZANOMA's audit discovers opportunities for improvement and optimization in the following areas: marketing and merchandising, detail page content, your Vendor Central Catalog (VCL), channel conflict and lost-buy-box data, operational and logistic performance all of which combine to determine the overall health of your Amazon business. LEARN MORE >

Detail Page Optimization

Images, titles, bullet points, pricing and product descriptions, they are all crucial and they all matter on Amazon. ZANOMA's Detail Page Optimization services ensure that your product detail pages adhere to Amazon's "Best Practices." We'll optimize your pages for Amazon's A9 search algorithms and using your approved and supplied product content, we'll create a beautiful detail page designed for conversion. LEARN MORE >

Amazon A+ content is a suite of enhanced product descriptions, images, tables, etc. that are found in the middle of the Amazon product page. These descriptions often include multiple product images, keyword-optimized text, product comparison charts, and a range of unique features promoting the ASIN in question as well as the brand. LEARN MORE >

Customer reviews on Amazon are the great equalizer. The trust, credibility and honest feedback from customers that have purchased an item and then shared their feedback can help push a new product to the top. The team at ZANOMA has a range of strategies designed to create the customer review momentum that will get your product noticed and moving upward in Amazon's search results. LEARN MORE >

Amazon Advertising

Amazon offers a range of promotional opportunities, deal and site placements. Sometimes the biggest challenge is simply knowing what's available on the "menu" and we can help to negotiate the related pricing and even work directly with Amazon on implementation. Contact our team today and we can outline the promotional opportunities to help you move the needle. LEARN MORE >

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a powerful merchandising tool, but most vendors don't have the expertise or patience to master the platform. Zanoma's AMS audit is a comprehensive review of your past and current AMS campaigns and brand page attributes. We audit previous and current display ads and conversion rates. We determine the effectiveness of keywords and keyword phrases for each of the products you're promoting via AMS and most important, we focus on campaign ROI along with strategies and recommendations specifically focused on improving that return on your marketing spend. LEARN MORE >

As noted, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is an incredibly powerful on-site (on Amazon) suite of merchandising tools.  We can get you launched on the AMS platform and guide you through the process so your company has its own destination brand page and custom URL.  The brand page is step one in creating a variety of proven marketing campaigns on Amazon's platform and that brand page gives your brand and your team a designated and curated landing page on Amazon to send traffic to (for example, your website and social media touch points). LEARN MORE 

Vendor Central Account

If only it was just nickels and dimes, sadly it's often quite a bit more! Amazon is notorious for stringent and inflexible operational performance metrics and accompanying financial penalties (in the form of chargebacks) that can create a serious drain on your account. Chargebacks are usually an indicator of an inefficient, insufficient or a flat-out broken process. We'll help you determine root causes, identify solutions and swiftly ensure those chargebacks are only seen in the rear-view mirror. LEARN MORE >

This first step is the hardest. But rest assured, we're adept and experienced at both securing the invite and getting you started. You only get one chance to present your initial batch of pricing and product data so be sure to give the entire account setup process and related strategy the careful consideration it deserves. We've been there hundreds of times, we'll make it significantly less challenging and answer your questions before you ask. LEARN MORE >

Fear the cord! Andon is just one element of Kaizen (continuous improvement) that Toyota helped introduce to the world of manufacturing and automated processes, Amazon included. When the Andon cord is "pulled" within Amazon, it essentially means your detail page and offer is suspended until the issue is resolved. We are exceedingly fluent in this specific Amazon product ordering and data integrity issue and we can assist your team when this happens (and work to prevent it general) to ensure the Andon cord is not a factor and the flow of your orders is uninterrupted. LEARN MORE >

While we're not big proponents of the business lunch or the never-ending PowerPoint, we do understand that relationships can play a key role on Amazon, especially when it comes to the decision makers in your product category roaming Amazon's Boren Campus in Seattle. We have the contacts and credibility to help you engage with right humans (not robots) at Amazon to discuss and explore opportunities. LEARN MORE >

Seller Central Account

Depending on the category and time of year, adding new SKUs or launching a new ASIN can take up to two months! ZANOMA's New ASIN Creation service is ready and willing be to your guide through this process -- we'll help you with the planning and hold your hand -- every step of the way. We have tested launch strategies and we’re comfortable with all elements of the process including FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) which ensures your offers are Amazon Prime eligible.  LEARN MORE >

We are fluent in a dialect we call "Amazonian" which often involves a rubik's cube of acronyms and jargon that can make our client's heads swim. We communicate with Amazon, so you don't have to. The ZBS (ZANOMA Business Services) team is made up of former Amazon employees that handle all of your “Seller Support” and/or "Contact Us" case -- or at least those that are too complex -- so you can focus on creating and selling great products. LEARN MORE >

Through an often confusing maze of rules and regulations, you may from time to time find that sales via your Seller Central have been suspended (and often without much of an explanation).  Team ZANOMA is ready and able to jump into the fray and help you to untangle the dreaded Amazon account suspension.  We’ve been there and done that and we’re on your side.  LEARN MORE