Social Media Management

Tap into the power of social media

Spread your message to the right crowd

Social media is an undeniable ally to engage with your audience and boost your sales. Thanks to channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the power to do business and connect with customers has grown exponentially.

But having a social media presence without a tailored strategy and monitoring can be just as harmful for your business as having no plan at all. At Zanoma, our skilled team of experts creates strategies, content, and monitors each one of your channels to make sure that they are working for you and your customers.

Tap into the power of social media

A different approach for each channel

Our experts provide support for

  • Social Media Audit, including competitor analysis and audience research;
  • Strategic planning and optimization for each channel;
  • Social Media setup, monitoring, reporting and analysis;
  • Exclusive content creation for each specific channel;
  • Implementation guidelines and maintenance consultancy;
  • Brand awareness and strategic brand placement;
  • Community management;
  • Strategic Partnerships;

Tweet it. Instagram it. Share it. Keep in contact with your audience in every channel.

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