The Benefits of Brand Registry

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At Zanoma, we know that any opportunity available to a brand which offers the upper hand on Amazon should be taken advantage of immediately. One of the biggest opportunities on Seller Central that we recommend our clients utilize is to enroll their brand in Amazon Brand Registry. Once a brand is enrolled, the levers that can be pulled to out-compete the competition are extremely beneficial and offer additional avenues to increase sales.

What Is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon created this program specifically to help brands protect their registered trademark(s). Brand Registry is available to sellers who either manufacture or sell their own branded products.

What Are the Requirements?

Eligibility is dependent on a seller to provide verification for an active registered trademark for their company brand (not the product). If a brand does not have an active registered trademark, a plan to apply for one is recommended as the trademark process can take months to a year to complete.

Why Should a Brand Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry allows a seller the ability to protect their brand, trademark(s) and provides specific tools to optimize the listings for success. There is the misconception that Brand Registry is the magic bullet to control 3P Sellers, but don’t fall into that trap! Amazon Brand Registry is a great tool when used properly to protect your brand as you’ll see below, but it is not the all-in-one solution to deal with 3P Sellers (more on that in a different post).

Seller Central

Utilizing Amazon Brand Registry offers brands a variety of options to begin taking advantage of immediately on Seller Central to stand out as a seller on Amazon. As the chart above shows, there are 5 opportunities that are immediately available:

  • Headline Search Ads
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Store Page
  • Trademark Protection
  • Product Detail Page Authority

Headline Search Ads

An advertising option that builds brand awareness and promotes your products with ad placement directly above search results on Amazon. Headline Search Ads allow you to design an ad that has a custom headline, logo, and three featured products. Because the placement of the ad is in such a prominent area on Amazon, the chances of your product being seen are significantly increased with this form of advertising.

Enhanced Brand Content

EBC is additional brand content that appears beneath the fold of Product Detail Pages (PDP). This tool allows a brand to tell their story with enhanced images and offers space to introduce product features in a creative way that matches the brand cohesively. When used effectively, EBC can produce higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Brand Store Pages

Amazon Stores is a virtual store that represents your brand and guides shoppers to specific products within Amazon that you would like to highlight. The store page offers brands the ability to create a shopping experience that helps drive user engagement to learn about the brand and then direct their interests towards a purchase.

Trademark Protection

Offers a brand the means to search for and report any infringement related items on Amazon that are related to your brand or any approved registered trademark(s). All reported items are reviewed by Amazon and they will take action if necessary to deal with those infringement complaints.

Product Detail Page Authority

Gives a brand more control over their product detail pages to ensure correct brand representation is presented to the Amazon user. The information you provide in Brand Registry is used by Amazon to predictably remove bad listings that incorrectly use your trademark, your logo, or brand name.

As you can see, Amazon Brand Registry offers options that would otherwise be unavailable to you. If you have not already capitalized on this tool, we recommend starting the process today!

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