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Kevin Keranen

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin brings an extensive background in sales, digital technology, and entrepreneurship to his latest role as majority shareholder and Chief Executive Officer of ZANOMA. With an eye on efficiency and innovation, Kevin’s short-term agenda is to dramatically increase market share and drive online sales for all current and future clients operating on Amazon’s various platforms. In addition to his position with ZANOMA, Kevin is the founder of K2click Digital, an Oregon-based tech company focused primarily on social media and related marketing tactics. Mr. Keranen founded k2click, establishing it as a leader in the delivery of inventive awareness tactics and solutions for companies striving to recruit, retain, and drive revenue. In Kevin’s new position at ZANOMA, he’ll direct his considerable energies towards creating and scaling software-driven growth solutions, brand incubation and ignition, go-to-market strategies, legacy brand evolution as well as organizational leadership. When free time allows, Kevin can be found on the ski slopes, catching fish on his fly rod or relaxing with a good book.

George Wescott

Founder and President

George Wescott, entrepreneur and 20-year digital marketing pioneer, has had a passion for building and optimizing brands as well as their websites since the late 90s. A longtime and avid follower of Amazon innovations and inventions, he began helping manufacturers and brands increase sales in 2002 via zShops (now known as the Seller Central platform). As a frequent beta tester, George consulted with key developers during the launch of both Vendor Central and Amazon Answers (formerly known as the “ask the manufacturer” program). While he has no crystal ball (at least not one that we’ve seen) he’s shown a unique aptitude for identifying opportunities and implementing highly successful Amazon-specific solutions for a range of client brands. He continues to actively survey and analyze the e-commerce landscape and regularly shares his insights through several ZANOMA social media channels.

Lance Judd

Co-Founder and Vice President

As former Amazon employee #272 (and alas, 2 months after the IPO) Lance brings a diverse range of Amazon-specific skills and experiences to ZANOMA. At Amazon, Lance led the editorial, merchandising, and end-user documentation efforts for the Auctions and zShops team (before both evolved into the platform now known as Amazon Marketplace and which today represents close to 50% of all units sold on Amazon!). In 2002 he escaped the Seattle rain and traffic for the mountain lifestyle and abundant sunshine of Bend, Oregon. After launching dozens of products and managing all related marketing and communication efforts for the region’s dominant ISP, VOIP telco and cable company, Lance joined Velocity Marketing (ZANOMA’s precursor) in 2013. Today, his ZANOMA focus includes nurturing client relationships, scaling operations, devising big-picture strategies and serving up a foot-tapping selection of musical morsels to his office colleagues. Lance cheers for the Oregon Ducks, works his snow dance moves in the fall and winter and rides his mountain bike as much as humanly possible.

Todd McQuillin

VP Of Business Development

With a background that includes more than a decade of Internet and affiliate marketing, data analysis and sales, Todd has oversight of all aspects of sales prospecting, lead management and new client development, as well as oversight of the client launch and on-boarding process at ZANOMA. Previously, Todd served as President/Managing partner of eMediavc Inc. an online marketing company, where he delivered significant contributions in revenue expansion and media buying. Todd’s experiences and professional background make him uniquely qualified in the realm of identifying and defining opportunities, creating and nurturing relationships as well as structuring partnerships and joint ventures. When he’s away from the office and not attempting to keep up with his wife and three children, he’ll be on the golf course, pedaling his mountain bike or chasing powder at Mt. Bachelor. At the end of an especially good day, you might even see him sipping a classic hand-crafted microbrew from the family brew pub.

Sebastian Lopez-Otero

VP and Director of Operations

As a former Western Regional Operations Manager for the Google Hardware Operations Group, Sebastian was responsible for hiring and scaling the technical teams tasked with deploying and running Google’s data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia. Sebastian played a key role in managing those teams and their processes while maintaining some of the most expansive and innovative server and network infrastructure in the world. Sebastian is most proud of the teams that he developed and the individual careers he was able to foster. He believes the key to building fantastic teams and achieving great outcomes is to hire great people, leverage their talents and their passion towards the companies’ objectives, foster a collegial environment and most importantly, get out of their way. He applies the same passion, curiosity and desire for great outcomes to managing the Amazon Marketplace platforms for the benefit of ZANOMA’s clients. One of the great lessons he learned at Google and one that applies to his work every day, is perfectly captured by George Bernard Shaw, ‘ You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?” ‘

Mason Shannon

Senior Brand Manager

An Oregon native, Mason has developed a life-long, healthy appreciation for the abundant outdoor opportunities (like world-class mountain biking) outside the doors of ZANOMA’s world headquarters in Bend, Oregon. With a background in specialty sports retail and several years as the manager of a thriving local bike shop, Mason is an account management pro and clearly understands the importance of delivering stellar customer service every day. With a growing family at home, Mason left retail for “e-tail” and now finds himself focused on brand management, client relations, and creating high-performing marketing campaigns via Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Amazon Media Group (AMG) and Sponsored Products on Seller Central. These “Mason-built” marketing strategies and efforts have played a pivotal role in the growth and development of our client’s Amazon presence leading to impressive sales growth (and happy clients).

Jaren Morris

Senior Brand Manager

In his role at ZANOMA, Jaren brings a passion for photography and visual arts (with images spanning more than 6 years in his impressive portfolio) as well as recent professional experience in the creation and marketing of online educational curriculum and related video production. He leverages his unique understanding and knowledge of media, online sales and visual communications to ensure that Amazon detail pages, for every product under ZANOMA management, is displayed, highlighted and thoroughly optimized to drive sales. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Jaren building, flying (and soon racing) drone as well as making YouTube videos.

Jeri Madsen

Accounting Manager

Jeri has enjoyed her position as an administrative assistant to Kevin Keranen for the past 15+ years. This truly rewarding position was enhanced in February of 2016 when she joined Zanoma in the role of accounting services. In addition to working directly with Zanoma’s customers to assist with contracts and billing needs, Jeri is also providing administrative support to the Zanoma team. With a crew full of such fast paced, hardworking employees, there is never a dull moment in a day. When Jeri isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family and takes every available opportunity to enjoy being outdoors, whether camping, fishing or riding her Harley through the beautiful canyons.

Elaine Cheek

Brand Manager

With close to a decade of experience in the tech industry, Elaine brings a unique blend of skills to Zanoma. Her background in sales, support, communications and operations comes in handy when tackling the variety of projects on her desk. Elaine attributes the successes in her diverse career around the belief that a positive client experience begins and ends with clear expectations and honest communication. Outside of work, Elaine enjoys exploring the back roads and the related adventures that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer. Elaine's "therapy" includes camping, road trips, hiking and garden work. She credits those pursuits as huge factors that help to keep her sane.

Jill Eckenrode

Brand Manager

Jill is a proud University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior who brings 25 years of impressive business management experience along with a proven track record working with businesses of all sizes, as well as non-profits, publicly-held and private companies. In addition to an MBA which included focused expertise in Digital Marketing and Marketing Communications, Jill also holds undergraduate degrees in Paralegal Studies and Social Science. Jill brings her strength in communications, the ability to deliver top-notch content as well as skills in copy writing and creative asset generation to not only highlight and optimize Zanoma's client brands but also to drive sales and mind share in the evolving digital marketplace.

Travis Myrick

Brand Manager

All but 4 years of his life spent in Oregon, Travis loves the lifestyle that comes with living in Bend (outdoors + sunshine). He brings 5 years of digital advertising experience to the Zanoma team. At his previous company, he worked in Support and Engineering where he focused on making the client's day by streamlining and automating processes. With 3 years of heavy customer service focus, and an additional 2 years of engineering experience, he is keen to step back and look at things as objectively as possible. Travis loves finding simple solutions to complex problems, whether it's automating an inefficient process, or fixing a product bug. On the weekends you can find Travis playing pick-up Ultimate Frisbee games, or, with more difficulty, deep in the woods with his trusty canine companion, Argo.

Tommy Wisdom

Brand Manager

Tommy comes to ZANOMA with a background in managing teams and projects in high tempo and high stress organizations. He combines this with a love for connecting brands, people, and organizations with each other in strategic ways that leverage everything a brand has to offer to the marketplace. Having worked for companies ranging from family owned and start up environments, including nearly a decade spent in the Marine Corps as a pilot matched with an M.B.A in finance, Tommy has a broad range of knowledge on how to help brands become their best. All of this combined with a passion for skiing, fly-fishing, biking, and the great outdoors, along with ZANOMA and its headquarters in Bend Oregon, Tommy is excited to have such a great place to live and work.

Dani Reese

Brand Manager

As an avid outdoors (wo)man and marketer, Dani brings a diverse skillset and qualifications to the ZANOMA team. She cut her teeth in the tech scene doing PR for Microsoft and after a short stint abroad managing a hostel in Eastern Europe, she happily landed in digital marketing at Nike HQ in Beaverton, OR. While at Nike she immersed herself in the the ever evolving digital landscape finding a passion for content management and optimization. When Dani isn’t in the office you can find her running ultramarathons, adventuring with her dog Vilas and taste testing the latest craft beer in Bend.

Alex Paim

President of Brazil Office

Alex oversees operations, business development, and facilitates client growth opportunities. Alex has developed and executed online marketing campaigns in an array of industries, which helps him understand Zanoma SEO's clients' objectives and needs. Alex's experience in online marketing has led to his understanding of how search marketing can be leveraged in the overall marketing picture.

Pedro Brandi

COO of Brazil Office

Pedro has over 14 years of experience in software development. With a profound knowledge of SEO and PPC management with various industry leader clients. Pedro's online marketing experience includes SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. Pedro has a degree in IT from UFPR, and is also certified in advanced PPC with Google. At Zanoma he helps manage our clients' projects, both in the U.S. and Brazil.

Glauco Siqueira

Lead Project Manager

Glauco has a degree in Law but has let his passion for human behavior change the direction of his career. He was a partner of a live marketing and social media agency, where he was responsible for planning projects for brands such as Heineken, as well as for the creation of Coca-Cola Brazil’s first Twitter profile. After a few years as a project manager, he specialized in big live marketing projects for Volvo LaTam, ALL, among other big brands. In 2013 he made the definitive change to project management in multidisciplinary teams working with the development of websites and other applications for clients such as Embraer, Expedia and Telefônica/Vivo. Apart from his role as project manager, he was also active in managing client relationships and strategic negotiations. Outside of Zanoma, Glauco plans small events and is a Muay-Thai coach.

Allan Campos

Project Manager

Allan Campos fell in love with the Internet while studying Industrial Design. Since graduation, he ventures as a web designer on personal projects and freelance jobs. After 2005, Allan focused all his efforts to become an expert with digital projects and coordinated front-end development teams. At last, in 2010 he started freelancing for advertising agencies, digital companies, and technological hubs. He currently works as Project Manager at Zanoma.

Cas de Groot

SEO Analyst

Cas is a 24-year old guy from the Netherlands and has a lot of international experience, having lived in 4 countries and speaks three languages. He has worked in various companies from different cultures, and is now SEO Analyst at Zanoma. He is a quick learner and always keeps himself up to date on the latest developments in SEO. Outside of work, he likes to practice martial arts, go out with his wife, or read a book at home with his two cats.

Jullianna Bauer

Content Editor

As a journalist, Julliana has worked as the editor of Design Brasil, one of the most relevant websites about Brazilian design. Meanwhile, she was also the communications coordinator of Centro Brasil Design, an institution that promotes design culture in Brazil. She later worked as a freelance writer for AbcDesign magazine and for a project called 1818, which celebrated Votorantin's 100th anniversary. Julliana speaks four languages and has also acted as a press officer for law firms, international chambers of commerce, and unions. She is currently the content editor at Zanoma.

Vinicius Scott


Vinicius is a Brazilian-Scotsman that has lived on both sides of the Atlantic throughout his young life. He studies Journalism and has participated in literature competitions from Amazon, UNESCO, and Writers of The Future. Vinicius also works as a translator for universities and as an English Teacher. He even prepared airline pilots for their proficiency exams. A quick learner, Vinicius brings his creativity and agility from reporting to write compelling texts in a flash as our copywriter at Zanoma. In his spare time, he enjoys reading novels, writing what comes to mind, and going out with friends for a drink.

João Germano

Digital Planner

João Germano (a.k.a Puff) has worked with social media marketing since graduating in Advertising in 2009. His passion started when he was trying to be a rockstar and used digital media to promote his band. Since that didn't work out, he now dedicates his life to understanding online human behavior and creating innovative digital marketing solutions. His career started as the “Twitter guy” for regional projects of Coca-cola. Then, in 2011 he became a social media strategist for some online retailers. Later on he became the manager of social media teams in several agencies, developing digital strategies for brands such as Volvo CE Brazil, Dunlop Tyres Brazil, LeLac (a Peugeot local reseller), and others. At Zanoma João is a Digital Strategist and manages social media practices. Outside of work, he listens to his CD collection and loves to sit down and chat with friends for hours. João likes to talk, a lot.

Gabriella Pereira

Social Media Analyst

Gabriella Silva is from Michigan, USA, but has lived in Brazil for many years. Gabriella graduated in Advertising, and started working with Novozymes, a global biotechnology company, assisting in their Marketing team, with corporate events and graphic materials, as well as in the market research tasks. After that, she worked with different agencies with digital ads, social media and creating content for various platforms, with different clients such as and B2W, an online retail company. Since then, Gabriella has worked with creative content, community management and digital strategies in other cities and for global brands such as Heineken and Discovery. At Zanoma, she is the social media analyst, monitoring all social media initiatives and responsible for implementing successful Gabriella is also a culinary enthusiast, Netflix addict and a true board game lover. Out of the office, you can find her either at home watching tv shows, or out eating some delicious new food. Gabriella believes there is always room for media practices for our clients.

Luiz Mottin

Lead Developer

Luiz Mottin has worked with software development for more than eight years. He has a lot of knowledge in web development, experience in team coordination and server maintenance. He loves learning new things and feeling challenged.

Jean Mottin

Front-end Developer

Jean has worked as a Front-end Developer for three years. Despite his short time in the market he possesses a lot of knowledge in the area and is always looking to learn new things. In his free time Jean practices and follows sports, mainly soccer.

Rafael Paulin

Front-end Developer

Rafael graduated in Graphic Design in 2009, focusing on interactive interfaces, and got his Masters degree in Information Technologies in 2014. He worked as a graphic designer from 2006 to 2013, when he started studying web development technologies. He has over 40 web development courses (front and back-end), and a total of four years freelancing as a developer (full stack) and two years as a web developer at IESDE/SAE and MadeiraMadeira, Rafael started working at Zanoma as a front-end dev aiming to carry the company mission to the next level.

Ari Junior

UI Designer

Ari is a designer who’s been working with digital projects for over eight years now. He’s worked with companies such as Telefonica/Vivo, Johnson and Johnson, Smirnoff, and Nextel. He now faces new challenges as an UI Designer at Zanoma. In his spare time he enjoys camping and hitting the road in his motorcycle.

Thiago Roberto

UX Designer

Thiago is a Ux designer with almost seven years of experience with clients around the world. He currently works with Ui & Ux design focusing on digital interfaces for websites, applications and systems in general. He believes that through his work he has found a way to help people with their dreams and purposes. Thiago is passionate about music, books and his old guitar. Always active, he finds in sports a perfect escape valve from monotony, he loves surfing and skateboarding.

Monica Chu

UX Designer

Monica is Brazilian-Chinese with a Bachelor in Design and worked for two years with digital interfaces. She believes in applying design to problem-solving in everyday in life; her motto is: “Create features that matter". She previously worked as a freelancer graphic designer for startups. Monica speaks three languages, has a passion for travel, a love for food and exceptional skill creating memes of her co-workers.

Miria Eid

Administrative Assistant

Miriã graduated in interior decorating and worked for seven years as an industrial designer in one of the largest factories of motor homes in Brazil. In addition to coordinating the project team, she assisted in the social media area of the company. She has always been interested in the digital world, already worked with graphic design and today works as administrative assistant of Zanoma. One of the things she loves most is traveling and getting to know other places.

Ravi Shankar

Operations Manager

Ravi Shankar, ZANOMA’s first employee from outside the states (Chennai, India to be exact) brings a wealth of technology and Amazon-specific skills and experiences to the team. Ravi spent more than five years managing Amazon’s core Retail Business Support (RBS) team and overseeing several of the largest (by unit volume) product categories: Health, Personal Care, Baby, and Beauty to name just a few. In 2014, Ravi left Amazon to manage Groupon customer service where he and his team were responsible for all North American customer queries. Within a short time, Ravi was promoted to Program Manager responsible for refunds and business contact management for Groupon’s Asian-Pacific and Latin American markets. In his new role as Operations Manager at ZANOMA, Ravi is poised to leverage his Amazon experiences in the consumables categories where (in an ironic twist of fate) his efforts will be focused on client-side issues covering many of the same SOPs (standard operating procedures) which Ravi himself authored while an Amazon employee and covering a range of topics from NIS (new item setup) and catalog updates, to Andon cord cases and the ever-elusive MOQ/case pack data exchanges which are especially critical in ensuring effective Amazon vendor account operations. Needless to say, Ravi’s diverse skills will be very much utilized and greatly appreciated at ZANOMA . When his free time allows, Ravi is a passionate fan of European professional soccer (especially Arsenal), video games and super hero movies and TV shows.

Nathiya Natarajan

Assistant Operations Manager

Nathiya Natarajan (ZANOMA’s second Chennai-based employee) played an integral role in Amazon’s core Retail Business Support (RBS) team for 4+ years. During her time at Amazon, Nathiya handled virtually the entire range of RBS-related tasks from item updates, content optimization, Andon cord issues and other inventory ticketing (ISS), to cost/pricing updates, new ASIN creation, customer complaints/review management as well as training and mentoring new employees and interacting with clients and vendors. Nathiya has specific training in resolving Andon cord concerns for the Grocery, Beauty, Baby, Health and Personal Care categories. After leaving Amazon in 2015, she joined Entrayn education technologies as an assistant operations manager focused on customer reviews, complaints, feedback creation, performance monitoring, hiring and recruitment. Nathiya’s vast skill set adds significant value to Team ZANOMA where she manages day-to-day Amazon interactions focused on catalog fixes, cost/price edits and updates, Andon/ISS issues, case pack and quantity data-related problems, as well in-depth catalog audits for all of our clients. Nathiya is a horror movie fanatic, her all time favorites are Paranormal Activity and The Evil Dead and you’re likely to spot her in one of Chennai’s theaters during her free time.

Anusha Venkatesan

Assistant Manager of Accounts

Anusha Venkatesan is our third employee from Chennai, India. Anusha worked with Amazon for 2+ years and was a key part of the RBS (Retail Business Support) ISS (Inbound Support Service) team handling inventory and product clarification queries for a range of categories including shoes, apparel and jewelry. After Amazon, she joined telecom giant Vodafone as a buyer in their Supply Chain Management team where her responsibilities included finalizing purchasing decisions as well as real estate and location planning. In her role at ZANOMA, Anusha focuses on item and catalog updates, creating item variations, 1P/3P ASIN merges and responding to client queries. She is an avid reader of Dan Brown, Ram Charan and Sidney Sheldon (to name a few) and a music lover (especially the film composition works of Ilayaraja & AR Rahman). Anusha, who is also a freestyle dancer, loves food and is always eager to explore new restaurants and food joints.

Nikita Deep

Sr. Associate Account Management

Nikita is our fourth employee from Chennai, India joined as a Senior Associate. Nikita worked with Amazon for 3+ years and was a key part of the RBS (Retail Business Support) Yuma (Yuma case management is a web application used to manage and resolve Vendor issues. for the Grocery, Beauty, Baby, Health and Personal Care categories to name just a few. Her main focus was to respond to all vendor queries and work on all updates pertaining to Amazon detail pages such as title, content, SKU, images miscategorised products etc. Nikita was also a Certified Yuma trainer for all new hires and certified Mentor for the team. In her role at ZANOMA, Nikita focuses on item and catalog updates, creating item variations, 1P/3P ASIN merges and responding to client queries and updating weekly and monthly reports. She is a globetrotter and a nature lover and feels that every place she travelled to invariably had something to be grateful about.

​​Arthy​ K​

Sr. Associate Account Management

Arthy is our fifth employee from Chennai, India. In her role at Zanoma as a senior associate, Arthy will focus mainly on the item updates, new item creation, content creation, quality audit, image upload, proactive account management. Before joining Zanoma, Arthy worked with Groupon as a Lead Customer service associate for 2.5 year and has a vast experience in Customer/client relationship management and escalation management. She is very good at communication, assuring quality service achieving customer delight. She is an enthusiastic person and certainly a good team player encouraging to grow collectively as a successful individual and as a team. Before joining Groupon, she worked with Serco Global Services for the Barclays Bank insurance process as a Quality Auditor and with Alllsec Technologies for Panasonic customer service team as a Level 2 expert. In her free time, she loves to listen to music- her favorite is A.R. Rahman. She reads lot of books by kalki and is an ardent follower of Game of thrones. She is a movie freak and likes to travel a lot and explore new places and is a great food lover.

Gayathri R

Associate Account Management

Gayathri worked as a customer service coordinator in Happag-Llyod for about 1.5 years. ​She has always had a passion to be a part​ ​of the e-com domain​ where she can excel her skills​ and is always ready to learn new things. She is good at report preparation, ​export/import documentation, Invoice creation, and ​client relationship management​. ​In her freetime ​s​he​ ​loves to listen music​, watch movies, like to travel​,​ ​and​ ​exploring new dishes in the kitchen.

Sankar S​

Process Lead (Level-II)

With almost a decade of experience in a mix of industries, Sankar brings unique skill sets to Zanoma. His background in SAP, invoices, payments, charge back, credit note, debit note, root cause analysis, process expertise, people management comes in handy when tackling the variety of day to day operations. Sankar firmly believes in "being positive and willingness to adapt" are main reasons for the successes in his diverse career. in his role at Zanoma, he will be mainly focusing on the foreseeing daily operations, invoicing, POD, charge back and accounting issues. Sankar is a movie fanatic, a music lover, browsing internet for trending topics and loves to ride on his motorcycle.