Zanoma Global Summit – 2018


With a team of experts spanning three nations, Zanoma provides a worldwide body of digital expertise, offering best-in-class services and 24/7 customer support. In an ever-advancing, tech-savvy world it’s easy to communicate via Slack, video chat or even email – but to truly align with a global team, sometimes it’s best to bring everyone together.

Last week, we accomplished this by hosting the first-ever Zanoma Global Summit, bringing key players from our Brazil and India teams to Zanoma headquarters, located in Bend, Oregon.

The summit started with a bang, bright and early Monday morning with group introductions and high-level overviews of team workflows.

Highlights of the week, outside of the daily laughs over huge lunches, included some well-earned promotions.

We congratulated Jason Bott on his new role as Chief Operating Officer, Mike Pazzani as Chief Financial Officer, Chris Menser as Chief Technical Officer, Elaine Cheek as Director of Operations and Tommy Wisdom in his role as Senior Brand Manager.

Breakout meetings throughout the week allowed the team to focus on 2019 sales and marketing initiatives, technical developments, organizational health, and leadership as well as streamlining processes and efficiencies to further our collaborative efforts with our colleagues near and far.

Our Brand Management team was thrilled to review new proprietary tools currently in development and designed to strengthen cross-departmental efficiency and provide at-a-glance insights and information to the entire organization.

Coming face-to-face with the people you work with over email, slack, and video chat can really strengthen the bond between teams. Enjoying an in-office kombucha, after work beer and foosball at the downtown pub, or a sparring match at your local jiu-jitsu studio? Even better.

In true Bend style, we celebrated our accomplishments by closing out the week with lunch atop Mt. Bachelor! Our visiting colleagues enjoyed the experience of riding the chairlifts up to the 7,600 ft elevation lodge along with the sweeping views of the Cascade mountain range (while some members of the domestic team, maybe, found themselves white-knuckled and reminding themselves not to look down.)

If this week taught us anything, it’s that teamwork makes hard work feel easy. Passion and a strong work ethic can be contagious, and truly enjoying the work you do (as well as those you share it with) allows you to look into the heart of why you come to work each day.

As the summit came to a close, we said our goodbyes with hugs, laughter, and new memories as our team members headed out on their long flights home. Come Monday morning, the office still rang with the energy they left behind and the excitement and momentum we all share for the year to come.

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